When I talked to my best friend Megan yesterday she gave me a pep talk about keeping up with my training and working towards my goal. She’s a runner herself and I played sports with her throughout high school. She’s always kept me focused with a tough love approach that I don’t think most people realize she is capable of (she’s very sweet and kind). When it comes down to it though, she’s always going to give me honest and encouraging advice even if it isn’t sugar coating (which I appreciate, being diabetic  :). After talking to her, I always come out of it more inspired. Megan told me to remember to plan my workouts each day and to workout early, so I don’t get caught up in daily activities and miss a day.

After we were done talking last night, I put the date of today on the top of my food journal page that I have been neglecting. I made a new running playlist and I looked up fun running interval workouts. This all lead me to a few inspirational tid-bits that might be helpful to you as well:

Ø  You can eat 5 meals a day! For an 1800 calorie diet, you can have five 360 calorie meals. I usually do three meals a day but I decided to switch to five meals because I like snacking throughout the day. This is actually a lot more than I realized. Start looking up 360 calorie meals and you will see, like I did, that you can do a lot with that and incorporate a lot of variety into your day.

Ø  12-16 glasses a water a day can absolutely help you lose weight. How easy is this? I can drink this sitting at my desk or in class everyday, no problem.

Ø  Buying clothes can be fun! I love shopping, but let’s all be honest- when you aren’t feeling your best shopping isn’t exactly what you want to do. You are more likely to find clothes to cover-up than to pick out what you really like. Pick out something you want to wear in six months and look at it every once in awhile when you are feeling like giving up.

Ø  When you wake up in the morning do 30 crunches forward, 30 to the right and then 30 to the left with your legs up. After that, do a 30 second plank forwards, 30 seconds to the right and then 30 seconds to the left. Do this before bed too. Trust me; you will start to notice the difference. Also- you begin your day feeling good about yourself and you go to bed feeling the same way. It takes no time at all and can make a big difference.

Ø  Get some sleep. Do the best you can to plan your day out so that you can get to bed at a reasonable time. When you sleep well, you are much more productive the next day and every day leads into the next and reflects how you’ll feel the following day.

Stay inspired!


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