It was a beautiful run throughout the cornfields of Findlay, Ohio. There were long roads with old barns, pumpkin patches and horses lining our way on the double looped trail. I started off with my sugar a bit high and I took 15 grams of carbs every hour after the first hour. I didn’t go through a drastic rise or drop in my sugars after the race so I was very happy with how well controlled they were! I was pacing very well for the first half and I didn’t even notice it go by! Cait met me at the five mile and told me I was on pace and then met me at the 12 mile and ran with me to the 14th. I am very thankful that Cait was there during this time. It was a very mentally tough part of the run for me. There were only 304 people who did the run and only 100 ended up doing the full marathon. As a result, there were times on the run where I was totally alone on long roads just looking at the distance and realizing how far it was and how much farther I had to go. Cait stuck by me and helped me to pace faster. It was difficult to know how well I was doing because I didn’t have anyone I was running against or competing with until she met me at the 12th. After that, she met halfway between my 19th and 20th mile. She ended up running 10 miles all together which I thought was pretty impressive, considering that she is overcoming a foot injury. I started to feel a shooting pain in my left hip at my 19th mile and it became difficult to put a lot of weight on it. All together though, it was a very successful run! I am excited to take on other runs throughout the year and continue to blog about running and life with type 1 diabetes. Jon and Mom met me at the end and we had a celebration lunch in Findlay! Afterwards, we went shopping at a little country store and picked out pumpkins to take home. I couldn’t walk very well, but I took it slow and kept moving so that I wouldn’t get stiff. I suggest that if any of you can, you should take a trip out there and enjoy the beautiful running trails at the Findlay Reservoir.

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    Kris Fergus is training to run Red White and Blue 26.2 in Findlay, Ohio on October 7th, 2012. Though this is not her first marathon, it is the first race in which she will run after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Training began on Monday, June 18th, and Kris will be keeping a blog to bring you with her on her journey and she will be raising money for Lakewood Hospital during the process.

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