Kyle has been a friend of mine since we were in seventh grade. He has always been someone I can be completely honest with and talk to about anything. He gives me a lot of “tough love” when it comes to training and staying in shape. He has been a dedicated athlete his whole life and someone I go to when I am in need of a “boost”.

I was having a rough day yesterday, feeling like I didn’t want to run because my sugar was really high throughout the day (which I am still trying to figure out) and I didn’t feel well. The answer was pretty simple. Take correcting insulin, make sure my sugars are steady before I start my run, and just do it. I had an excuse though. I’m diabetic- I shouldn’t have to run if I
don’t feel well. It’s people like Kyle though, that help me realize that whenever I have these moments that I am just making excuses and that I am stronger than that.

He told me about how he doens't feel like working out sometimes either and what he does to get himself motivated. He told me, “Work through those lows, I know it's rough, but once you get that workout started you'll feel a million times better”. I then complained about how my abs hurt from a tough ab routine and instead of telling me to skip a training day- he gave me alternative workout ideas. I had to laugh a bit. He won’t ever tell me to quit. I should have known that. 

Kyle and I talk about training a lot. It’s very helpful to have someone who is going through tough workouts like you are and who understands how it feels and gives you the encouragement you need. My advice is to find a running/work out partner because sometimes it’s really hard trying to do it on your own and having someone to go through it with you is a great motivator. 

...and because I think it's funny, I had to add in a classic picture of him :)

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