My dog is an Australian Shepard mix and she was a rescue dog from Tennessee. Knoxville does not hold many good memories for Adelaide, as she endured abuse that no animal should ever have to experience. However, Knoxville is where she met me and that marks a time in her life where everything started to change. When I first sent my Mom a picture of the cowering, underfed old dog she felt an instant connection. We both wanted to give her a safe and comfortable life with constant love and affection. You should see her now; her snow white coat is beautiful. She attempts to run after bunnies in the backyard and she loves cuddling with my nephews in front of the TV. She is a totally different dog than the one that I met. As much as we were there for her though, she has been there for me. On a night earlier this year, my normally calm dog woke me up by licking my face and crying. She seemed panicked, and she was acting so unusual I immediately noticed that something must be wrong. All of the sudden my body began to feel like it was falling asleep. I broke out into an intense cold sweat and my eye sight began to blur. I couldn't move. I was going into insulin shock from low insulin.I was terrified and beginning to pass out. My dog jumped off the bed and began to scratch at the door to signal my Mom. I crawled off the bed and got myself up the stairs in a near army crawl when I finally got to my parents and they were able to take me to the ER. I think of that quite a bit when I think of Adelaide. I was there for her when she was in need and she was right there for me. That makes for a beautiful friendship.
I'll be in Greenbay this weekend with one of my best friends for a wedding. I am so excited to see a lot of people that I studied abroad with in Australia. That was an incredible time of my life that I spend with fantastic people. It was the healthiest I've ever been. I was out running on long paths daily and enjoying the outside. I remember feeling confident and attribute a lot of that to how I was living a healthy lifestyle. Pure happiness! I can't wait to visit with those people again and reminisce on that part of my life.
In the middle and end of August some days start to feel like fall. Fall in Ohio is my favorite time of year. Football games, apple and pumpkin picking, and the beauty of the leaves changing colors- it is a wonderful place to be. Fall also makes me think of the start of field hockey season and summer conditioning in the August weeks prior. It always felt like a new beginning to me- much more than January ever did. I always felt like I was entering into a new part of my life, with more to prove and more to give because of all the summer conditioning I had endured. I love the feeling of new beginnings and the feeling of moving confidently into my future, because I made it count in all the days past. I can't wait for fall, and the beginning of new and exciting parts of my life.
For anyone who doesn't know him, he is a doctor. He was on the phone with me quite a bit throughout this whole ordeal. I talked to him last night for a long time. He told me a story of an athlete, who had a devastating set-back and came back from it. It was a great conversation and he inspired me to get better and keep moving towards my goal. So for now, I'm going to stay strict to a healthy diet and wait until I can get back running.
Today was a better day. I got some answers regarding my health and hopefully I'll be back running in two weeks or so. It just takes patience and an understanding that my health needs to come first. I have been paying very close attention to my diet and blood sugar readings because the last thing I want are further complications that will put me even farther back. I'm going to have my brother write to you again tomorrow because he has been doing some awesome workouts I would like him to share. Have a wonderful night!
I've been positive up until now but right now I'm a bit frustrated. Going from intense training to laying in bed for over a week is depressing. All I want is to get my life back. I'm also nervous that I've come so far with training and this is going to take me back quite a bit. All I want to know right now is when I can start running again.
I am still looking at the English Channel outside of my hospital window. On a positive note, it is a better view than the one I had at my hotel room.

To my left is a woman named Christine and Betty is in the bed across from me. They have both suffered from type 2 diabetes for a long time. Chris got an infection due to her's and had to get her foot amputated. She's got a wonderful, positive attitude and a lot of advice for me. She has talked to me quite a bit about taking control and care of my health. She told me that I have a clear sight of what could be and although it was rough to hear, I think she seriously wants me to realize how important being healthy truly is. It also helps you appreciate all that you have.

Betty is what everyone calls "naughty". She's a 90 year old hilarious and silly woman who does't like listening to doctors of nurses. She snuck in a cigarette yesterday by smoking it outside of a window like a teenager in a high school bathroom. I don't have any diabetic advice from her but I do want to use this opportunity to say that if you smoke you WILL end up in the hospital for weeks or months on end. Betty misses her independence but it's her smoking that took a lot of it away for the past 30 years, as her daughter told me.

I'll write you more later. Thanks for reading.
You haven't heard from me in awhile and that's because I have been in the hospital since Sunday morning. I'm still in Brighton where I was admitted for excruciating abdominal pain. I don't remember much but I do recall a lot if blood being taken and grabbing onto a pillow with all my might because I couldn't take the pain. In all my life, I've never experienced something quite like this and I pray I never have to again. Originally, they thought I was in DKA as a result of high blood sugars. However, I didnt have any ketones present. It was scary, because they have a different scale for measuring blood sugar that I didn't understand. They were asking me questions about blood sugar measurement that I couldn't answer. They had only had one other person in the entire hospital who had been on a pump, so they did't understand how it worked and I had to tell them not to unattached me from an insulin IV bc my pump was already giving me continuous insulin and I was dropping drastically low. I was in so much pain, I couldn't communicate like I needed to. No matter what pain meds they gave me, nothing would take the edge off the pain. My friend Evie sat beside me, as my friend and advocate throughout the entire ordeal. They believe it has to do with my pancreas as a result of my diabetes. My mom is flying here and will be here soon. Thanks to her, my Dad and my bother Nate, everything is getting figured out and hopefully I'll be out soon. Until then, I'll be writing to you from Brighton Hospital. Thanks for reading.
I am going to Brighton this weekend with a friend of mine. I am so excited to find a cool running path, hopefully along the beach! I've heard it's a bit like Jersey Shore. I'll be looking to find a British Pauly D!

Evie, who I am travelling with, has been a great support system while I’ve been here. We try to always check each other to make sure we are eating the right things and she
always asked me about training and if I’m feeling alright which is great,because I always have someone to talk to about it. For me, it’s hard to meet new people and tell them about my diabetes. However, when you are living and travelling with people it’s something that needs to come up. The people around you should be aware of what it means when you get a low or your blood sugar is too high and what you need to do to take care of it. I’m always concerned that they will look at me like I am a hassle or weird, but I’ve always managed to meet wonderful people who are sensitive and accommodating.

I can’t wait to see Brighton and discover a new place in
England! I look forward to posting pictures of the running paths I find. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

…is hard sometimes. Getting up early in the morning before work isn’t my favorite thing to do but because I want to go exploring around London at night, sometimes I don’t have any other option. Getting up when it is still dark out reminds me of my brother’s hockey practices, when I would get up really early to drive there with my Mom so that we could eat breakfast together while my brother practiced. My Mom always had a way of making the most dreaded tasks fun. Like finding a favorite breakfast spot at 5:00am so that getting up didn’t seem so bad. She would take us to get colorful school supplies and have us buy study snacks so that doing homework at night became something we didn’t complain about. When folding laundry (or I could have just said “matching socks” but I’m pretty sure only my siblings would understand that), she would ask us to pick out a movie to watch while we did it so that the time would pass. It’s funny how little things like this can make a big different and put you in a positive frame of mind. I thought about this last night when I set my alarm for 5:30am. I made a plan to do a nice run, get ready and have breakfast at a small coffee shop near my work (so that I could read my book and sip on a hazelnut steamer). I figured if I was going to get up that early, I was at least going to make it enjoyable. I feel good today. Morning running might
actually become routine!


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