You haven't heard from me in awhile and that's because I have been in the hospital since Sunday morning. I'm still in Brighton where I was admitted for excruciating abdominal pain. I don't remember much but I do recall a lot if blood being taken and grabbing onto a pillow with all my might because I couldn't take the pain. In all my life, I've never experienced something quite like this and I pray I never have to again. Originally, they thought I was in DKA as a result of high blood sugars. However, I didnt have any ketones present. It was scary, because they have a different scale for measuring blood sugar that I didn't understand. They were asking me questions about blood sugar measurement that I couldn't answer. They had only had one other person in the entire hospital who had been on a pump, so they did't understand how it worked and I had to tell them not to unattached me from an insulin IV bc my pump was already giving me continuous insulin and I was dropping drastically low. I was in so much pain, I couldn't communicate like I needed to. No matter what pain meds they gave me, nothing would take the edge off the pain. My friend Evie sat beside me, as my friend and advocate throughout the entire ordeal. They believe it has to do with my pancreas as a result of my diabetes. My mom is flying here and will be here soon. Thanks to her, my Dad and my bother Nate, everything is getting figured out and hopefully I'll be out soon. Until then, I'll be writing to you from Brighton Hospital. Thanks for reading.
Kris Fergus
8/7/2012 02:33:09 am

praying for you, baby sis

Ashley Berecek
8/9/2012 06:05:52 am

Krissy!! Get better!! I hope they can figure out what is wrong! Praying for you love!!


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