Hello, World.  This is Kris's sister Cait again--filling in while Kris runs the planet...

I am getting married on October 20th this year.  Our lovely author Kris will be my maid of honor, standing beside me as I promise to love and cherish my best friend, Jonathan Chiou, in good times and in bad, sickness and health...

There are so many pre-wedding crash diets out there, it's a little intimidating.  Brides-to-be losing tens of pounds, working out extreme amounts and tanning themselves beautiful for that one special day.  I don't mean to sound judgmental, but I sometimes just want to ask, "Are you getting married so you can look really hot in these pictures?"  One day?  Is that what getting married is all about?

I would like to suggest a different perspective on getting in shape for your wedding day.  Instead, think about getting in shape for your marriage.  It is very important to me, both as Jon's companion in love and as a Catholic woman in love, that I can make my vows truthfully and forever.  That I will do everything in my power to BE THERE throughout our marriage.  I am lucky so far to be a healthy woman--I have had no illnesses or disabilities of any kind that have threatened my life beyond my control.  While I have this luck, I want to make the most of my health.  You never know what can happen, so if you don't have to be sick, be healthy.  

This past year of our engagement, I have been focusing on the health of my body, mind, and spirit, and for me, the upcoming marriage has definitely been an inspiration.  I quit smoking (cold turkey--horrible, but in my opinion, the only way to do it), I have been working out in a way and amount that is reasonable for my body and age, and I have been trying to pay attention to what I'm eating simply with the mindset that my body is not a garbage can.  If I consider something garbage, like fast food--I don't eat it.  If I consider something somewhat sacred, like chocolate and ice cream--I eat it sparingly and with respect. :)  Mostly, I stick to simple things--just a few ingredients (all that I can pronounce), and alot of whole foods.

The results are awesome.  I have my own body image issues, but lately, I have been feeling healthy and strong, which does wonders for self confidence.  My cause--a long life with the man I love; as many healthy children as we can raise well together;  the ability to care for Chiou or our future kids if they should fall ill; the peace of mind that if I ever fall ill beyond my control, that I did what I could while I was healthy.

I think sometimes that self-care can be a sign of love for those around you.  It's not about self-cosmetics, and it shouldn't take a huge chunk of time away from your friends and family.  It's that hour in the morning for yoga or running or rollerblading.  It's making healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones.  It's showing respect for the only body you were given.

So--you future brides and husbands and partners out there.  Don't do it just for the day.  Promise more than that.  Your health can be such a beautiful way of saying, "I do."
Aunt Shelley
7/7/2012 03:11:26 pm

I LOVE this post, and I love both of you, Kris and Cait!

7/7/2012 09:35:38 pm

Really love your blog post--- you said it ALL! Also- reading that makes me realize I need to refocus my efforts in my work out- it gets intimidating sometimes so I just decide not to restart...and now I will- thank you for sharing ...


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