I like to tell you about my friends because I surround myself with good people who inspire me, and I am proud of them as well.

I would like to introduce you to Ryan. Ryan and I met in high school when he moved to Ohio from Tennessee.  He has lived all over the place, but mainly in the south.

Ryan was in the Navy and stationed in Pearl Harbor. He went through some tough training, but I always knew he would be alright. When we were in high school, he would work multiple jobs and he would always still be willing to pick up shifts and put in more hours. I’m sure the Navy loved him. He doesn’t have the ability to do less than he’s capable. We’ve talked a lot about the running he used to do and all the other physical training that was part of his life during that time. He would always run harder to beat the person in front of him. He would always push the limits of himself to do the best he could. I don’t suggest this to anyone, but he even went through PT with appendicitis because he didn’t know what else to do but to work through the pain. Obviously he shouldn’t have, but I can’t say I was surprised when he told me he did. He has overcome both mental and physical barriers on many occasions throughout his experience in the Navy, and that is commendable.

Ryan used to surf a lot when he lived in Hawaii. That is a very difficult sport as well. He would get knocked down by a wave and get right back out there. I’m sure that isn’t easy to handle, getting pushed down by a wave and getting the wind knocked out of you- and then facing it again the next time around. You’ve got to be someone who likes a challenge in order to do that. You’ve got to be someone who isn’t afraid to fall. You’ve got to be someone who knows that it’s all worth it in the end. I suppose that is how he saw his time in the Navy as well.

Ryan inspires me to push the limits and to constantly challenge myself. I am lucky to have people like him in my life that motivate me everyday.

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