Today, I witnessed the passing of the Torch right outside my window at work. It got me thinking about the place where the flame is first lit and the place where the marathon first came to exist. I thought I would share this piece of history with you.

Pheidippides, a Greek hero, is the reason why marathon’s exists today. He ran from Marathon to Athens as a courier, to give the word of victory from the Battle of Marathon (the first Persian invasion of Greece). His last words were, “Joy, we win!” and then he fell down right there, dead. I was appalled when I first heard this, realizing that his run resulted in his death but then again realizing how truly difficult the length can be (and the horrible heat, without water or any sustenance is what made it truly deadly). He had also run 150 miles in two days, just prior to his final run. 

The first Olympic Games began in 776 BC, or so historians believe, and the competitions were foot races. Running has been a part of this amazing tradition since it first began, and because of Pheidippides, marathon running was introduced as one of the events in later years. Running was known to be a clear sign of strength, of both body and mind. 

It is incredible to think about how long ago this all began, and
how we have continued the tradition throughout history.

Let the games begin! 

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